Sprint | NFL
The NFL Mobile Live app and sponsorship push, packaged up nice and neat as part of the Now Network campaign. To tease the launch of the website, we created a preseason landing page where a tiny maintenance crew prepped the field, counting down the seconds to the start of the regular season. 

For the regular season, the home page transformed into a widget wall that covered everything that was happening "now" in the NFL. Clicking the widget in the top left hand corner provided a deeper look into the NFL.

Diving deeper: Visitors were given the opportunity to expand or contract visuals for a 360º look at hidden facts relevant to each of the core football pillars - stadium, fan, and player.

You get a whole lot of NFL by downloading the NFL Mobile Live app. To exhibit exactly how it works, we created a
 little guy who lived inside our banner spaces. His day-to-day was determined by people's computer clock. From 9 to 5, work. By night, hanging at the house. All the while, an ever increasing tally demonstrated just how many times he interacted with the app (based on real-time NFL Mobile Live updates).

Now means now. 24/7 coverage meant that we followed the little guy every moment of the day. Even in the bathroom.