Apple | Mitch Marner shot by Auston Matthews
Two of the NHL’s best get together for some arts and crafts on an iPhone. The Leafs’ Auston Matthews is a three-time all-star, ROY winner, and former 2016 #1 overall pick. Mitch Marner is a Toronto area native, 2015 #4 pick, and fan favorite. This season Mitch scored 94 regular season points - the most points scored by a Maple Leaf in 22 years.

By putting Auston behind the lens, fans get to see a different side of the superstar as he takes on the role of content creator for his friend and fellow phenom teammate, Mitch. This work has the distinction of being Apple’s first sports spot.

:30 Mitch Marner shot by Auston Matthews

The campaign also includes shorter content for the internets.
Here’s a couple bits.

:15 “Hahaha”

:15 “Juggle”